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Accuface Profile

Accuface Profile

AccuFACE plugin for iClone is an AI facial tracker powered by NVIDIA RTX GPU, capable of capturing facial expressions from both webcams and conventional video files. Beyond its exceptional accuracy and responsiveness under proper lighting conditions, AccuFACE can smoothly synchronize facial movements with voice input. It also fine-tunes lip and tongue articulation using proprietary AccuLIPS technology. Its timecode matching also ensures precise full-frame animation recording essential for professional productions and industrial applications.

Features of Accuface Profile

  • Realtime Facial Tracking
  • Compatible with standalone USB web cameras or laptops equipped with integrated webcams, AccuFACE offers optimal tracking resolution of 720p at 30 frames per second. The capability to adjust video orientation with a helmet-mounted setup guarantees steady facial capture with concurrent body and hand tracking.
  • Standalone Video-Based Detection
  • Forego the high costs associated with special mocap equipment and opt for consumer-grade cameras or commonplace mobile phones to create your footage. For animators lacking original source material, there is always the powerful option of adapting existing videos from platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and more.
  • Accurate facial tracking from standard recorded video marks a revolutionary leap forward. With this capability, AccuFACE lets production studios seamlessly collaborate with professional actors or voice talents worldwide, liberating animation productivity from equipment dependencies and the restrictions of time or location.
  • Optimize Expressive Range
  • Establish a neutral state for the face as a baseline for a full range of expressions. Further calibration of brow movements can deliver the authenticity of individual actors and their unique performances.
  • LIVE MODE Calibration
  • Tailor the character’s facial settings to match the live performer with an easy-to-follow guided process, and receive immediate animation feedback for thorough refinement.
  • VIDEO MODE Calibration
  • When obtaining the ideal calibration poses from a single video source proves challenging, AccuFACE offers the flexibility to search for calibration frames across multiple video files.
  • Perfect facial capture technology remains elusive as animators continue to grapple with various minor imperfections, including noise, twitches, interference, and misfires. AccuFACE offers a comprehensive toolkit to address these common challenges, bringing artists several steps closer to achieving flawless animation.
  • Strength Balance
  • Boost or modulate the movement of certain facial regions to capture a more realistic portrayal of the acting or transcend into another animation style.
  • Smooth Filter
  • Eliminate undesirable spasms from the tracking data as a result of exceeding tracking angles, excessive hair coverage, or uneven lighting and shadowing.
  • Denoise
  • Jitters can plague all levels of motion tracking. AccuFACE Denoise can effectively smooth out unstable motion without compromising the breadth of performance.
  • Anti-Interference
  • Cross-region interference and cross-triggering can lead to muddied expressions. AccuFACE interference cancellation can reduce unwanted head, brow, and mouth movements.
  • Unlike facial mocap solutions that necessitate separate audio alignment to fully synchronize the voice and the performance, AccuFACE captures both audio data and facial animation in a single pass. This allows for rapid generation of voice-synced animation, whether sourced from a live webcam or prerecorded video.
  • Regardless of the source media framerate being set at 24, 30, or 60 fps, the AccuFACE engine will consistently generate audio-synced animations according to the source framerate.
  • AccuLIPS enables intricate lip and tongue motion where other facial mocap systems fall short. By extracting text data from the voice, AccuLIPS generates an additional viseme track for precise lipsync. For complete control over the subtleties of facial mocap, leverage iClone’s facial key editor, facial layers, and curve editor.
  • By cleverly bypassing voice-to-text recognition, AccuLIPS can extend its capabilities to other languages beyond English. Lip detection and accuracy can be further improved with additional text scripts while free tools are readily available to convert non-English audio files into their romanized counterparts.
  • Based on the selected webcam or recorded video framerate, timecode matching guarantees full-frame recording, independent of your computer’s specifications and performance.


System requirements of Accuface Profile

  • Software | iClone v8.33, or above
  • OS | Windows 10 64-bit, or later
  • GPU | NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060, Quadro RTX 3000, TITAN RTX, or higher
  • GPU driver|NVIDIA Display Driver version 520.46 or higher
  • Camera | Webcam or head-mounted camera: 1280×720, 30 fps or higher
  • Supported Video Formats | AVI, WMV, MP4, MKV, and MOV – Codecs required for certain video formats
  • *Motion Live is part of iClone8.

Accuface Profile Free Download

Accuface Profile v1.0 RTX


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