Arturia Synths V Collection 2023 Free Download – Detailed instruction

Arturia Synths V Collection

Arturia Synths V Collection

V Collection 9 is a premium suite of professional software instruments ranging from modern hybrid synth engines to emulations of the most evocative instruments ever made, enhanced for today’s production workflow. From classic keyboard emulations to state-of-the-art synth engines, physically-modelled pianos to evocative hybrid strings, this curated 32-instrument selection delivers instant access to professional sounds and deep creative functionality alike.

Only the best software instruments from past, present, and future, powered by exclusive modeling technology and decades of engineering expertise, delivering unparalleled sound quality and functionality that’s simply essential for today’s music makers.

V Collection is a marvel of music technology, but even the best-sounding synth and keyboard models would be dull without the incredible work and imagination of their sound designers.

Veterans of the industry and young upstarts alike, for more than a decade we’ve worked with some of the most talented musicians, producers, and sound designers around to create sounds that both honor the past, and help you create the future.

On this page, we pay tribute to the amazing men and women who helped create the signature sounds of our V Collection instruments, and give you an insight into their creative process.

Features of Arturia Synths V Collection

  • Korg MS-20 V – Primal black monolith, with an elemental analog sound and a semi-modular architecture, reawakened.
  • SQ80 V – Hybrid lo-fi crosswave synth fusing thousands of digital waveform combinations with crunchy analog filters.
  • Augmented STRINGS – Innovative instrument combining sampled strings with state-of-the-art synthesis and deep morphing controls.
  • Augmented VOICES – Blending the human voice with multiple synth engines and expressive controls for evocative hybrid sound.

Rebuilt instruments

  • CS-80 V – Massive expression, stirring cinematic sound, and cutting-edge features for an instrument that breathes character, rebuilt from scratch.
  • Prophet-5 V – Coveted king of analog sound design, tastefully enhanced and faithfully rebuilt as a standalone plugin for producers.
  • Prophet-VS V – A unique wavetable-based synth, renowned for razor-sharp digital precision and sci-fi sounds galore, reborn as a standalone instrument.
  • Piano V – Next-gen physical modeling piano, with 12 beautiful models ranging from vintage grand to modern cinematic, re-engineered in absolute detail.

Arturia Synths V Collection included

  • Arturia Synth – ARP 2600 V3 v3.11.1
  • Arturia Synth – Buchla Easel V v1.11.1
  • Arturia Synth – CMI V v1.11.1
  • Arturia Synth – CS-80 V4 v4.1.1
  • Arturia Synth – CZ V v1.7.1
  • Arturia Synth – DX7 V v1.11.1
  • Arturia Synth – Emulator II V v1.4.2
  • Arturia Synth – Jun-6 V v1.4.1
  • Arturia Synth – Jup-8 V4 v4.4.1
  • Arturia Synth – KORG MS-20 V v1.1.2
  • Arturia Synth – Matrix-12 V2 v2.11.1
  • Arturia Synth – Mini V3 v3.11.1
  • Arturia Synth – MiniFreak V v1.0.0
  • Arturia Synth – Modular V3 v3.11.1
  • Arturia Synth – OP-Xa V  v1.5.1
  • Arturia Synth – Prophet-5 V v1.1.1
  • Arturia Synth – Prophet-VS V v1.1.1
  • Arturia Synth – SEM V2 v2.11.1
  • Arturia Synth – SQ80 V v1.4.1
  • Arturia Synth – Synclavier V v2.11.1
  • Arturia Synth – Synthi V v1.7.1
  • Arturia Synth – Vocoder V v1.4.1

Arturia Synths V Collection System requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.13+, 4 GB RAM, 4 cores 3.4 GHz CPU,
  • Win 8.1+ (64bit), 4 GB RAM, 4 cores 3.4 GHz CPU
  • 2-3 GB of free hard disk space
  • Works in Standalone, VST, AAX, Audio Unit.

Arturia Synths V Collection Free Download

Arturia Synth V-Collection 2023.1 CE-VR


Audio Processing


Password: 321

How to install Arturia Synths V Collection

  • Turn off anti-virus software (Note also turn off Windows Defender)
  • Unzip the setup file to install the software
  • Run Setup to install the software
  • It Done