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AutoForm Plus

AutoForm Plus is a comprehensive software solution developed by AutoForm Engineering, a leading provider of solutions for the sheet metal forming industry. It is specifically designed to assist engineers and manufacturers in the process of designing and optimizing sheet metal forming processes.

With AutoForm Plus, users can simulate and analyze various aspects of the sheet metal forming process, such as material flow, springback, and forming feasibility. The software utilizes advanced algorithms and Finite Element Method (FEM) simulation to accurately predict and visualize how the material will behave during the forming process. This allows engineers to identify potential issues and optimize the design and manufacturing processes early on, resulting in improved product quality and reduced development time and costs.

AutoForm Plus offers a range of powerful features, including the ability to import CAD models, define material properties, and create highly detailed simulations. Users can use these simulations to evaluate different forming processes, assess the impact of different parameters, and make informed decisions to optimize their designs. The software also provides advanced visualization tools to analyze the simulation results, allowing users to gain insights into the forming process and identify areas for improvement.

Features of AutoForm Plus

  • Advanced Simulations: AutoForm Plus utilizes Finite Element Method (FEM) simulation to accurately predict and visualize the behavior of sheet metal during forming processes. This enables engineers to identify potential issues, such as wrinkles or splits, and optimize the design and manufacturing processes to avoid such problems.
  • Material Modeling: The software allows users to define and apply material properties, including elastic-plastic behavior and strain hardening, to accurately simulate the behavior of different types of sheet metal. This ensures that the simulations are realistic and provide accurate predictions of the forming process.
  • Process Optimization: AutoForm Plus enables users to evaluate and compare different forming processes, such as stamping, bending, or deep drawing, to identify the most efficient and cost-effective options. It provides tools for optimizing parameters like blank size, die geometry, and process parameters to achieve the desired result.
  • Springback Analysis: Springback refers to the elastic recovery of sheet metal after forming. AutoForm Plus includes specialized tools to analyze and predict springback, allowing engineers to compensate for it in the design process and achieve the desired final shape of the formed part.
  • CAD Integration: AutoForm Plus seamlessly integrates with popular CAD software, allowing users to import CAD models directly into the software. This streamlines the workflow and enables engineers to work with their existing design data.
  • Visualization and Analysis: AutoForm Plus provides advanced visualization tools to analyze simulation results. Users can visualize material flow, thickness distribution, and other parameters to gain insights into the forming process and identify areas for improvement.

System requirements of AutoForm Plus

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10/ 11
  • Memory (RAM): Requires 4 GB of RAM.
  • Hard disk space: 1 GB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or higher.

AutoForm Plus Free Download

AFPlus R7 Win Linux 64bit


AutoForm Plus R10 x64


AutoForm Plus R11 x64


Password: 321

Instructions to install AutoForm Plus

  • Turn off anti-virus software (Note also turn off Windows Defender)
  • Unzip the downloaded software
  • Install AutoForm.Forming.R10.Win64_01 during installation choose install License Server and enter License Server 2375@localhost and finish
  • The installation
  • Go on Crack Folder copy the 2 files and replace them on C:\Program Files\RLM_v14.1BL3 run rlm.exe as adminstrator
  • Create Enviroments Variables
  • Right-click This PC icon and select Properties > Advanced system settings
    Select Enviroment Variables > System Variables > New and fill in
  • Make sure on your system enviroments looks like this:
  • Done