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Print2CAD 2021

Print2CAD 2021

Print2CAD 2021 is a handy and efficient application that can be used to print PDF, DWF, TIFF and JPEG files to CAD easily. The interface of Print2CAD is very simple, clean and intuitive. Files may be added in this application by the file browser because drag and drop is not supported.

Print2CAD allows you to customize the options for converting raster to vector and you can vectorize raster images and also convert raster images into groups of horizontal lines. You can organize entities into separate layers by entity color, delete all windows, create text as separate sequences and ratios for X, Y, and Z coordinates.

Input and output files can be viewed and you can also enable OCR mode and configure settings related to OCR text and stream type recognition. All in all Print2CAD is a handy application for printing PDF, JPEG and TIFF files into CAD files.

Features of Print2CAD 2021

  • DeepView 2020
  • Convert PDF (Vector and Raster) to DWG or DXF
  • Convert TIFF, JPEG Vector to DWG or DXF
  • Convert DWF to DWG or DXF
  • Based on TrustedDWG from Autodesk
  • Native 64-bit application, no PDF size limit
  • Recognize PDF documents (OCR of drawings)
  • Identify the type of PDF line
  • Coordinate PDF ratios (Correction points)
  • PDF layer identification
  • PDF frame, right corner, icon recognition
  • Vectorization of raster images as lines
  • Vectorize raster images as outlines
  • Vectorization of raster images as a solid
  • Raster image text recognition (OCR)
  • Identify raster image type
  • Edit raster image coordinates
  • PDF (Architectural Scan) to DWG or DXF
  • PDF (Contour Scan) to DWG or DXF
  • PDF (Digital photos) to DWG or DXF
  • PDF (OCR of a text page) to DWG or DXF
  • Support DWG 2000-2018
  • The company’s products are based in the United States
  • Works with all CAD systems
  • The 4K screen is ready
  • The leading AutoCAD PDFin extender with Raster To Vector

System requirements of Print2CAD 2021

  • System: 64-bit Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 (SP1), Windows Vista (SP1)
  • Print2CAD software is a reliable DWG-based Windows (64-bit) program that works independently of all CAD systems (and with all AutoCAD versions including AutoCAD AI).
  • RAM:
  • Windows 10: 4 GB RAM (for Vectorized TIFF, JPEG or scanned PDF)
  • Windows 8: 4 GB RAM (for Vectorized TIFF, JPEG or scanned PDF)
  • Windows 7: 4 GB RAM (for Vectorized TIFF, JPEG or Scanned PDF)
  • Windows Vista: 2 GB RAM (for Vectorized TIFF, JPEG or Scanned PDF)

Print2CAD 2021 Free Download

BackToCAD Print2CAD 2021 v21.35 (x64)


How to install Print2CAD 2021

  • Turn off anti-virus software (Note also turn off Windows Defender)
  • Extract the downloaded software
  • Run Setup to install the software
  • Copy the Patch file to the location where the “C:\Program Files\Print2CAD 2021” software has been installed
  • Run File Patch with Run as Administrator
  • Select the files and click Open
  • Watch the video for detailed installation instructions step by step