Texture Supply

Poliigon – High Resolution Architecture Textures 3K Free Download

Poliigon - High Resolution Architecture Textures PBR textures for Blender, 3ds Max, Unreal Engine, Cinema 4D, Maya, Unity and more. Perfect for architectural visualization, animation,...
100 Stitches Brush

100 Stitches Brush – Substance and Zbrush Free Download

100 Stitches Brush Modeling stitches line is a challenging task. If you have a massive library of stitches, your tasks are going to be an...
100 Roughness Imperfection

100 Roughness Imperfection Free Download

100 Roughness Imperfection A quick way to reach beautiful results in 3d world is that using roughness data in your material. With this pack, you...
SketchUp Pro

SketchUp Pro 2024 Free Download

SketchUp Pro 2024 SketchUp 2024 is a popular industrial design and 3D modeling software, widely used in fields such as architecture, construction, interiors and landscape. With...
KitBash 3D Designing the Savage Cover Art

KitBash 3D Designing the Savage Cover Art Free Download

Designing the Savage Cover Art Designing the cover art for "Savage" requires a thoughtful blend of creativity, visual storytelling, and an understanding of the album's...
Kitbash3D Brutalist 2055

Kitbash3D Brutalist 2055 Free Download

Kitbash3D Brutalist 2055 Transport yourself to a future where raw concrete and towering monolithic structures dominate the skyline. Envision imposing government buildings, colossal monuments, and...

Bigfilms ENVIRONMENTS Pack (Bundle – Vol. 1+2) Free Download

Bigfilms ENVIRONMENTS Pack The ENVIRONMENTS Pack was designed to give filmmakers a large variety of backgrounds for their green screen shots. We combined AI generative...
Digital Fashion VERYBASICS

Digital Fashion VERYBASICS Free Download

Digital Fashion VERYBASICS Digital fashion is a rapidly growing concept within the fashion industry, and VERYBASICS has emerged as a prominent player in this space....
Kitbash 3D Collection Package

Kitbash3D Collection Package 2024 Free Download

Kitbash3D Collection Package The Kitbash 3D Collection Package offers a comprehensive selection of high-quality 3D assets and models for use in various digital content creation...
Kitbash3D – AtomPunk

Kitbash3D – AtomPunk Free Download

Kitbash3D – AtomPunk Kitbash3D's AtomPunk is a futuristic architectural kit designed to help artists create imagined urban landscapes inspired by the science fiction genre of...