Course – CG Boost Robotic Planet (ENG)

CG Boost Robotic Planet

CG Boost Robotic Planet

The Complete Robot Planet course for Blender, designed to equip you with the essential skills and time-savings for everything on hard surfaces, all using free tools.

This course is not only informative but also fun to follow by focusing on the best workflow for each artist.

You’ll learn how to create two robots from scratch, by going through ideation, modeling, material creation, rigging, animation, rendering and more.

By the end of the course, you’ll create your own captivating robot animations, while gaining the knowledge to tackle your own hard surface projects.

This course mainly focuses on optimizing the materials and render for Eevee, for short render times. However, we will also touch on how to adjust the materials to work in Cycles as well.

The course is mostly taught in a step-by-step approach, so even beginners should be able to follow along. Nevertheless, we won’t cover the Blender basics in this course, so a fundamental understanding of Blender is required.

What you can learn in CG Boost Robotic Planet

  • All you need to learn about creating 3D robots in one place!
  • 90+ lessons (11+ hrs running time)
  • All project files for download
  • Stream online or download the course for offline use
  • English captions for each lesson
  • Access to a student-only community
  • Get a certificate on course completion
  • Pay once and get all future updates for free

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CG Boost – Robotic Planet