Course – Clo3D for beginners (ENG)

Clo3D for beginners

Clo3D for beginners

Clo3D is a 3D garment design software designed specifically for fashion designers and pattern makers. It allows users to create virtual clothing designs and realistic 3D models, making the process of garment design and visualization more efficient and cost-effective.

For beginners, Clo3D provides a user-friendly interface and a range of powerful tools for pattern-making, draping, and rendering. The software also offers features such as the ability to customize fabric properties, simulate fabric behavior, and create accurate virtual prototypes.

To start using Clo3D, beginners can begin with tutorials and guides provided by the software’s official website or available on platforms such as YouTube. These resources can help users understand the basics of the software, including how to create patterns, drape fabrics, and simulate garment movement.

It’s also important for beginners to familiarize themselves with basic garment design principles and terminology to make the most of Clo3D’s features. Understanding concepts such as pattern making, fabric properties, and garment construction will greatly enhance the user’s experience with the software.

What you can learn

How to to create realistic 3D models of garments.
How to develop a design from a block to a complete garment in 3D.
How to add a pattern to Clo by importing pdf, ai, tracing an image or drawing directly on avatar.
How to set up Clo and navigate in it.
How to add avatar, change its appearance, size, pose and create and save your custom avatar.
How to flat draft a skirt block in Clo.
How to autograde and manually grade in Clo.
How to scale, transform and move patterns.
How to add and remove seam allowances, annotations and symbols.
How to sew the pattern in Clo and dress avatar.
How to change fabric appearance and behaviour.
How to assess fit with the help of maps.
How to use pins, tacks and steam in Clo.
How to add elasticated waistband, yoke, zip, buttons, patch pockets, topstitching, puckering, fullness and pleats.
You will learn about properties of fabric in Clo and how to change the fabric of the garment.
How to change and manipulate print of the fabric, including transparency.
How to quickly change the design in modular mode.
How to work with graphic and textures.
How to calculate amount of fabric required and its cost.
How to present the garment in multiple colorways.
How to prepare your garment for render.
How to dress avatar in multiple layers.
How to animate your avatar.
How to render images, turntable images and animations.

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Conclude Clo3D for beginners

3D garment creation is quickly becoming a necessary skill for patternmakers and fashion designers.

With the growing demand for better productivity and smaller environmental footprint of the fashion industry, Clo3D has become a highly sought after skill. Add Clo3D to your CV with Clo3D for beginners course.

The Clo3D for beginners course will teach you everything you need to start creating 3D garments – learn all the necessary basics in the shortest and the most efficient way possible, perfect for a busy professional whose time is valuable.

You don’t need any previous knowledge of 3D modelling software, because we will start from the very beginning – set up and navigation basics.

This course will take you from having no knowledge of 3D software to developing your own designs, doing fittings, creating renders, animations, and much more. Because your time is valuable, the lectures are short and straight to the point, giving you maximum information quickly and efficiently.