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Kenney Asset Forge

Kenney Asset Forge

Kenney Asset Forge empowers aspiring game developers and artists alike, letting them bring their imaginations to life without extensive 3D modeling skills. This intuitive software is like a digital Lego castle, offering a vast library of pre-made blocks – walls, floors, roofs, furniture – ready to be snapped together. With simple placement, rotation, and resizing tools, you can build intricate models for games, from cozy cottages to sprawling dungeons.

The magic doesn’t stop there, as textures, materials, and even 2D sprite rendering allow you to customize your creations with unique colors and styles. Compatible with most game engines, Asset Forge lets you seamlessly integrate your masterpieces into your dream games, making it the perfect gateway into the world of 3D game development.

Features of Kenny Asset Forge

  • Intuitive block-based building: Build 3D models without needing complex modeling skills. A vast library of pre-made blocks – walls, floors, furniture, props – serves as your digital Lego set, snapping together easily for quick construction.
  • Customization through textures and materials: Breathe life into your models with a variety of textures and materials. Apply wood grain to furniture, stone textures to walls, and vibrant colors to decorations, creating diverse and immersive environments.
  • 2D sprite rendering: Generate top-down or side-on 2D sprites from your 3D models. Perfect for retro-style games or adding variety to your project. You can even batch export sprites in multiple directions for seamless animation.
  • Export to major game engines: Seamlessly integrate your creations into your game engines of choice. Asset Forge exports to common 3D formats like OBJ, FBX, and glTF, compatible with Unity, Unreal Engine, Godot, and many more.
  • Additional features: Enhance your workflow with features like:
  • Free updates: Enjoy regular updates with new blocks, bug fixes, and improved functionality.
  • Multi-platform: Works on Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Scripting: Lua scripting opens the door to advanced customization and automation.
  • Hotkeys: Navigate the software efficiently with dedicated keyboard shortcuts.
  • Community support: A vibrant community provides helpful resources and tutorials.

System requirements of Kenney Asset Forge

  • 64-bit dual-core 2Ghz CPU with SSE2 support
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 1280 × 768 screen
  • Mouse, touchpad or pen + tablet
  • Graphics card with 1 GB RAM, OpenGL 3.3
  • Blender version 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 4.0, 4.1

Kenney Asset Forge Free Download

Kenny Asset Forge 2.4.1


Kenny Asset Forge 2.4.0


How to install Kenney Asset Forge

  • Turn off anti-virus software (Note also turn off Windows Defender)
  • Unzip the downloaded software
  • Run Setup to install the software
  • It done