LINQPad Premium 7 Free Download – Detailed Installation Instruction



LINQPad  allows you to receive a query from a database in an interactive environment using the new LINQ query language. Say goodbye to SQL Management Studio.

Also a great way to learn LINQ (Language Integrated Query): with 500 examples from C# 5.0 in Nutshell. With LINQPad, there is no better way to experience the benefits of LINQ and functional programming.

Query capture is just a special mode of using LINQPad. All in all, this software is a draft for # C# / VB / F that executes any expression. Get rid of all the hundreds of Visual Studio project consoles and cluttered folders in your projects and join the ever-growing community of programmers, testers, and developers. Install assembly language and NuGet packages, in .NET language. Write your favorite code and continue to code it with auto-completion and experience the dynamic environment of magical development.

Features of LINQPad

  • Tuned with multiple heuristics, it intelligently traverses object graphs for the best possible results. It even turns lazy objects into hyperlinks and asynchronous values ​​into placeholders with future implementations!
  • And when needed, you can still query in good old-fashioned SQL – even if your back-end is SQLite, Oracle, MySQL or PostgreSQL – without heavy installation!
  • LINQPad is also a great way to learn LINQ : it is loaded with 500 examples from the book, C# 9.0 in a Nutshell . There is no better way to experience the fun of LINQ and functional programming .
  • Images and bitmaps render as images and bitmaps, and types from React Extensions and Data Streams work perfectly.
  • Dump any WPF or Windows Forms object and it will actually render.
  • And when you need the traditional data grid or debugger watch window, it’s there too.

System requirements of LINQPad

  • Supported OS: Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 7
  • Processor: Multi core Intel Series or above
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 1GB or more recommended

LINQPad Free Download

LINQPad 7.0.6 Premium


How to install LINQPad

  • Unzip the downloaded software
  • Using software