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Offset Edges

Offset Edges

Offset Edges in Blender is a useful tool for adjusting the position of edges within a mesh. This tool allows users to create new geometry by offsetting edges along their connected face. It can be particularly helpful in tasks such as creating beveled edges, adding details to a mesh, or refining the shape of an object.

By adjusting the offset value, users can control the distance at which the new edges are placed relative to the original ones. This feature grants greater flexibility in the modeling process, enabling more precise and efficient adjustments to the mesh geometry. Offset Edges in Blender serves as a valuable asset for achieving intricate and detailed 3D models with enhanced control over edge placement and geometry refinement.

Features of Offset Edges

  • Edge Offsetting: The primary function of Offset Edges is to offset selected edges along the connected faces, allowing users to create new geometry by adjusting the position of the edges.
  • Precision Control: This feature provides users with precise control over the distance at which the new edges are placed relative to the original ones. This level of precision is crucial for achieving accurate and detailed mesh adjustments.
  • Mesh Detailing: Offset Edges enables users to add intricate details to their 3D models by modifying the position of edges, allowing for greater complexity and realism in the final model.
  • Bevel Creation: The tool can be used to create beveled edges by offsetting selected edges in a controlled manner, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the model.
  • Flexibility: Offset Edges offers flexibility in the modeling process, allowing for efficient adjustments to mesh geometry and providing additional control over the shape and structure of the object being modeled.

Offset Edges System requirements

  • 64-bit dual-core 2Ghz CPU with SSE2 support
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 1280 × 768 screen
  • Mouse, touchpad or pen + tablet
  • Graphics card with 1 GB RAM, OpenGL 3.3
  • Blender version 2.93, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 4.0

Offset Edges Free Download

Offset Edges v0.4.2 (Blender)


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How to install Offset Edges

  • Install Blender First
  • Open the software, click Edit (EDIT) → Preference → Plug-in (Aadd-ONS) → Install
  • Restart Blender, you can see the installed plug -in in the file → user settings → plug -in