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Speedflow is a powerful add-on for Blender that enhances the user’s workflow by providing a wide range of tools and features. It aims to streamline the creative process and improve efficiency for artists and designers. With Speedflow, users can easily navigate the Blender interface, access commonly used functionalities with just a few clicks, and customize their workflow to suit their specific needs.

This add-on offers a variety of time-saving features such as a pie menu for quick access to tools, a comprehensive search system for finding commands and functions, and customizable hotkeys to make repetitive tasks more efficient. Additionally, Speedflow includes advanced modeling tools, retopology features, and an intuitive user interface design that makes it a valuable asset for anyone working with Blender. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, Speedflow is a tool that can significantly boost productivity and streamline your creative process in Blender.

Features of Speedflow

  • Pie Menu: Speedflow offers a pie menu that provides quick and easy access to commonly used tools and commands. Users can access various functions, such as modeling tools, sculpting brushes, and editing options, simply by selecting from the pie menu.
  • Search System: The add-on incorporates a comprehensive search system that allows users to easily locate specific commands, functions, or tools within Blender. This saves time and eliminates the need to navigate through multiple menus to find what you need.
  • Customizable Hotkeys: Speedflow enables users to customize hotkeys, making repetitive tasks more efficient. This feature allows users to create personalized workflows and map frequently used commands to specific keys for faster access and increased productivity.
  • Advanced Modeling Tools: The add-on provides advanced modeling tools to facilitate the creation of 3D models. These tools include a variety of primitive shapes, boolean operations, beveling and extrusion options, subdivision surface controls, and more.
  • Retopology Features: Speedflow offers retopology tools that assist users in creating clean and efficient topology for 3D models. This includes features like automatic edge flow generation, edge slide, mesh snapping, and edge loop selection.
  • Intuitive User Interface: The user interface of Speedflow is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. It seamlessly integrates with Blender, ensuring a cohesive experience. The UI is customizable, allowing users to arrange and organize the tools and menus to suit their preferences.

Speedflow System requirements

  • 64-bit dual-core 2Ghz CPU with SSE2 support
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 1280 × 768 screen
  • Mouse, touchpad or pen + tablet
  • Graphics card with 1 GB RAM, OpenGL 3.3
  • Blender version 2.8, 2.81, 2.82, 2.83, 2.9, 2.91, 2.92, 2.93, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6

Speedflow Free Download

Speedflow v0.0.62 (Blender)

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Speedflow v0.0.61 (Blender)

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Speedflow Companion 0.0.5 (Blender)

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How to install Speedflow

  • Install Blender First
  • Open the software, click Edit (EDIT) → Preference → Plug-in (Aadd-ONS) → Install
  • Restart Blender, you can see the installed plug -in in the file → user settings → plug -in