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Steinberg WaveLab Pro

WaveLab is a complete total solution, with all the tools you’ll need to cover your workflow from start to finish. Backed by a global network of expert engineers who all use it, WaveLab is the key to turning every aspect of your proficient engineers into a real pro.

With improved multi-channel file processing, multiple sub-lanes and analysis clocks, multi-core processing, and more, WaveLab further elevates its status as a true mastering art. With comprehensive controls that make precise editing easier, external editors can also work only on selected channels.

WaveLab 11 comes with dedicated WaveLab Cast-like podcast features. These include direct uploading of podcasts to five popular podcast servers: Buzzsprout, Castro, PodBean, SoundCloud, and Spreaker.

Lasso, Brush and Wand functions are also integrated into the software’s system and are available inside the Spectrum Editor. These features help users fine-tune the sound at each detailed breakdown of the recording. With Inpainting, users can now remove unwanted noise from recordings with a few simple taps. In addition, the system will automatically calculate the information of the audio environment and fill in the blanks of the previous noise to create a certain smoothness for the overall recording.

Except for the completely new features, a number of sound adjustment modes have also been added to the system. Now, users can transform their recordings even more with variety and vibrancy with Steinberg Wavelab Pro’s incredibly rich collection of modes.

Features of Steinberg WaveLab Pro


  • Audio Data Analysis: WaveLab’s suite of audio analysis tools is renowned for its accuracy and flexibility. The tool windows host an extensive set of metering tools, such as level meters, FFT-based spectrometers and more, allowing you to check the frequency and level status of your acoustic material. friend. EBU compliant loudness meter helps you check broadcast related standards, not only through real-time metering, but also with offline loudness monitoring
  • Audio processing: WaveLab provides a lot of audio processing tools that can be used in two ways: destructively and non-destructively. While the Audio Editor offers equalization, normalize, fade, loop, split and destructive correction tools, Audio Montage comes with a comprehensive, non-destructive audio processing solution along with with a host of other options and possibilities
  • Recovery and Correction: Be it restoring old records or correcting problematic records, WaveLab offers comprehensive error correction (located on a separate tab right above the waveform) that provides an online toolkit. important to easily detect unwanted signals, such as clicks, glitches, and clips, and includes several options to correct or remove these errors automatically. Also part of WaveLab’s plug-in suite is RestoreRig, a suite of restoration plug-ins designed to precisely remove unwanted sounds and artifacts from your impaired recordings. in real time. The plug-in suite includes three modules, DeNoiser, DeClicker and DeBuzzer, allowing you to easily remove both short pulse noise as well as stationary noise
  • Batch Processing: The mighty Batch processor allows you to process multiple audio files in one go. Not only can you convert audio files into different formats, you can even combine your favorite plug-ins to create entire batch-processed plug-ins. Batch processors also include a feature called Folder Watch, which speeds up batch processing and conversion tasks by outsourcing them to the operating system’s specified standard Windows or Mac directory ( Supported). There, the folders are processed by WaveLab with tasks you can define in advance, such as normalization, plug-in processing, file format conversion, and more. Audio files placed in a directory will be converted using the processing commands previously created for that directory
  • Master CD export, render and DDP generation: Mastering means adjusting levels, equalization, spatial integration and many other audio aspects between different audio tracks to create a circuit audio experience lost in the entire product. WaveLab offers intuitive track assembly, audio editing, effects or cross-effect applications, as well as precise CD/PQ editing. With WaveLab, you can create a CD image file and optionally compare the final CD with the main image for error checking and correction. You can also output your audio files by choosing from more than 15 popular file formats among them AAC iTunes, FLAC, MP3 – including multiple encoding options. And, of course, WaveLab features DDP import, DDP generation and quality check through DDP file inspection
  • Use Wavelab as plugins: Professional audio tuning also includes using effects, applying your favorite plug-ins to audio materials. WaveLab contains over 45 high-quality plug-ins. Among them are Voxengo Curve EQ with spectrum matching technology, Post-Filter, Brickwall Limiter, MBIT + dithering by iZotope, and WaveLab’s MasterRig, the most complete master suite ever built by Steinberg, consisting of six premium plug-in module. All effects can be used as clip, track and output effects or globally in WaveLab’s powerful Main Part. A host of other tools are included to ensure the best audio quality, including the SoX-based Encoder and Encoder Checker, which allows comparison of MP3, OGG or AAC codecs on time. real, no delay

Plugin VST


System requirements for Steinberg WaveLab Pro

  • Supported OS: Windows version 11 / Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • RAM: 8.0 GB minimum RAM required
  • Processor: Multicore Intel Series or above, Xeon or AMD equivalent
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 4GB or more recommended

Steinberg WaveLab Pro Free Download

Steinberg WaveLab Pro 11.1.20

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Password: 321

How to install Steinberg WaveLab Pro

  • Turn off anti-virus software (Note also turn off Windows Defender)
  • Extract the downloaded software
  • Install Steinberg Activation Manager
  • Install WaveLab Pro 11.1.20
  • Run Activation Manager Unlocker b4
  • Done