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Terragen Professional

Terragen Professional is a powerful landscape generation and rendering software commonly used in the fields of visual effects, game development, and motion pictures. It provides users with the tools to create highly realistic natural environments, including terrains, atmospheres, and vegetation, through a node-based interface. With its advanced rendering capabilities, Terragen Professional allows for the creation of stunning, high-fidelity landscapes and environments, making it a valuable tool for artists and designers seeking to achieve lifelike and immersive visual results.

With Terragen, you have full control over the shader networks used for terrain, textures, micropolygon displacement, clouds, and object distribution. You can rearrange the planetary shading pipeline to suit your goals. Place grass and trees wherever you want, as well as other objects in native TGO or OBJ formats that you have modeled in third-party software.

Terragen has been used for visual effects in over 30 feature films as well as many major television productions, game development, VR environments, museum exhibits, documentaries, and more. Some of the industry’s largest and most respected visual effects companies rely on Terragen for their environment workflows, including Digital Domain, Industrial Light & Magic, Weta Digital and MPC, to name a few.

Features of Terragen Professional

  • Flexible global illumination system for precise illumination at any scale, from close-up, far away, to planetary scale.
  • Render entire planets, panoramas, small rock gardens, or anything in between.
  • Optical air and sunlight.
  • Volumetric clouds or fast “2.5D” clouds.
  • Multiple scattering in volume, full light interaction between volume and surface.
  • High dynamic range output; generates optical environment maps and IBL sources.
  • Production quality anti-aliasing and motion blur make it fast and effective.
  • Import 3D objects for rendering
  • Render millions of trees and other objects using. Billions of virtual polygons are handled with ease.
  • Node graph editor for ultimate control over shaders and textures.
  • Flexible planetary shading pipeline.
  • Add multiple elevation fields, textures, and displacement maps to your scene.
  • Procedural terrain can cover the entire planet.
  • Apply virtually “infinite” fractal detail to terrain and other objects.
  • Overhang terrain using procedural displacements, image-based displacements, or imported geometry.
  • 3D painting of colors and masks can control almost anything in the scene.
  • Animation of almost every parameter
  • Georeferencing options; Automatic georeferencing for correctly formatted GIS files, including GeoTIFF and more.
  • Export high-resolution objects from displaced surfaces.

System requirements of Terragen Professional

  • 64-bit Intel or AMD (non-ARM) processor
  • Operating System: Windows 8.1 or Windows 10
  • It is recommended to use 8 GB of RAM or more.
  • 600 MB of free hard-disk space.
  • OpenGL 4.1 compatible video card is recommended.
  • Graphics card 4 GB vRAM or more is recommended.
  • Use of a wheeled multi-button mouse.

Terragen Professional Free Download

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Terragen Professional 4.7.15


How to install Terragen Professional

  • Turn off anti-virus software (Note also turn off Windows Defender)
  • Extract the downloaded software
  • Install Terragen.
  • Use the included key file to register or generate one to your name with our keygen.
  • Launch Terragen, when it ask you to buy or run in free demo mode click the “Add Key File” button.
  • Select the license key file “tg4key.lic“.
  • Restart Terragen. You might need to restart 2 times before it show it’s registered.
  • Terragen is now activated.