Windows Update Blocker – Turn off windows update with 1 click

Windows Update Blocker

Windows Update Blocker

Windows Update Blocker is a free software that helps you completely disable your Windows Update with just one click of a button.

This utility is portable, meaning that you no longer need to go through the installation process and there is no more redundancy on your hard drive after removing it.

If you place the program file on an external data device, you can use the Windows Update Blocker anywhere with you and use it on any computer you come into contact with, moderate configuration and Do not want the opportunity for updates that can damage their systems.

Windows 10 provides less user interface control for operating system update behavior than previous versions of Windows.

There is no option to turn off Windows Update using the Control Panel or Settings app in Windows 10, which will automatically check for updates and install any updates they find, whether you like it or not. .

Features of Windows Update Blocker

Local Group Police Editor is one of the managers that manages all the different features on the Windows 10 platform. In this manager, you can adjust the different operating modes of the computer operating system, including both turn off Update.

When using Local Group Policy, you can turn off Update Update Windows 10 quickly. You do not need to use complex software or feature settings to prevent the quick update of the latest version of the operating system yourself.

This software will help you refine Local Group Policy easily with very good code

How to use Windows Update Blocker

Service status icons will display your Windows Update service status, if you want to prevent Windows Updates automatically

windows update blocker 1

  • Select “Disable service” (Disable)
  • Click the “Apply Now” button and the Windows update will be permanently disabled
  • Service protection can prevent unchecked changes (Recommended).

Windows Update Blocker Free Download

Windows Update Blocker v1.8

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Windows Update Blocker v1.7


How to block any other services and protect the settings

The new version allows users to add any other service to the Wub.ini file to block it, first edit the Wub.ini file and add your desired service name under “dosvc = 2.4” .

For example, if you want to block “Windows Update Medic Service” Please open the service and find it

windows update blocker 2

Write or paste the service name under dosvc = 2.4

windows update blocker 5

Finally, open the Window Update Blocker and use the “Apply now” button. If you want to delete a recently added service, please follow these steps:

  1. Open Windows Update Blocker and choose to turn on the service then use the Apply Now button.
  2. Delete the desired service stream from the Wub.ini file
  3. Now you can select the service to turn off the service and the option Protect the service settings