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Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora 13

Wondershare Filmora 13 is a user-friendly and versatile video editing software designed for creators of all levels. With a wide range of editing tools and visual effects, Filmora empowers users to produce high-quality videos with ease.

Its intuitive interface and drag-and-drop functionality make it accessible to beginners, while more advanced features such as color grading, motion tracking, and audio editing cater to the needs of experienced editors. Whether creating vlogs, tutorials, or cinematic productions, Filmora provides a platform for unleashing creativity and bringing stories to life through captivating visuals.

Features of Wondershare Filmora 13

  • User-Friendly Interface: Filmora’s intuitive interface allows for easy navigation and quick familiarization, making it accessible to beginners.
  • Video Effects: The software provides a wide array of video effects, including filters, overlays, and motion graphics, to enhance the visual appeal of videos.
  • Audio Editing: Users can manipulate audio tracks with tools for equalization, noise removal, and audio balancing, ensuring high-quality sound in their videos.
  • Color Grading: Filmora offers color correction and grading tools to adjust the visual aesthetics of videos, allowing for the creation of distinct moods and atmospheres.
  • Advanced Text Editing: With a variety of text presets, animations, and customization options, Filmora enables users to add engaging titles and subtitles to their videos.
  • Motion Tracking: This feature enables creators to attach graphics or text to moving objects within their videos, adding a professional touch to their projects.
  • Green Screen: Filmora supports green screen compositing, allowing users to change backgrounds and create captivating visual effects.
  • Audio and Video Transitions: The software includes a library of transitions for seamless scene-to-scene progression and engaging visual storytelling.
  • 4K Editing Support: Filmora supports the editing and export of high-resolution 4K videos, catering to the growing demand for high-quality video content.
  • Split Screen: Users can create dynamic split-screen videos to showcase multiple scenes simultaneously, adding complexity and depth to their projects.
  • Touch Bar (Mac) – Preview and scrub through your timeline using the touch bar.

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Wondershare Filmora 13 System requirements

  • Supported operating systems: Windows 7 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 / Windows 11 (64-bit operating system).
  • Processor: Intel i3 or higher multi-core processor, 2GHz or higher.
    (Intel 6th Gen CPU or later recommended for HD and 4K Video).
  • RAM: 4GB RAM (8GB required for HD and 4K video).
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 5000 or higher; NVIDIA GeForce GTX 700 or higher; AMD Radeon R5 or higher.
  • 2 GB vRAM (4GB required for HD and 4K video).
  • Disk: At least 10GB free hard drive for installation (SSD-Solid-Disk recommended for HD and 4K video editing).

Wondershare Filmora 13 Free Download

Wondershare Filmora x64 Multilingual


Wondershare Filmora (x64) Multilingual




How to install Wondershare Filmora 13

  • Turn off anti-virus software (Note also turn off Windows Defender)
  • Unzip the downloaded software
  • Install software
  • Copy the Patcher to: C:\Users\YOU_USER\AppData\Local\Wondershare\Wondershare Filmora\
  • Run Patch File and select default installation path
  •  Add this lines to hosts File, you can use Hosts Editor software, or edit it manually in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
    • platform.wondershare.com activation.cyberlink.com pc-api.wondershare.cc analytics.wondershare.cc cloud-api.wondershare.cc sparrow.wondershare.com wae.wondershare.cc api.wondershare.com antipiracy.wondershare.com wondershare.com mail.insidews.wondershare.com accounts.wondershare.com
  • It Done