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WordPress Theme Newspaper

If you are a WordPress developer, you probably know about Newspaper theme. This is a post sharing the Newspaper theme provided on Themeforest which is ranked 10th in the Best Seller table.

As one of the world’s most popular blogging, news and themes, Newspaper theme provides you with the best tools for you to customize, creating an interface that suits your page very easily.

Features of Theme Newspaper

  • There are 56 available interfaces for you to setup, you can preview 56 interfaces here: To install the interface is quite simple, 1 click only. If you do not want to use the available interfaces, you can set yourself up.
  • Newspaper is designed to be responsive in full, almost I didn’t have to adjust anything to make it more suitable.
  • Using fixed sidebar, very suitable for blogs with Adsense.
  • With the Tagdiv Composer tool, you can customize your interface with lots of different blocks.
  • Newspaper has an AMP plugin available for you to create an AMP interface suitable for mobile as well as for Google.
  • Updated Revolution Slider and Visual Composer plugins for free.
  • Support a lot of different widgets like Social Couter, Popular Category, Author Box, Ad Box …
  • Support a lot of positions to place ads on the website and can customize the display position very easily. Even ad placement positions support Google Adsense responsive type. This is one of the reasons I really like the Newspaper theme.
  • Support available Translator option so you can easily translate your theme into other languages, such as Vietnamese language.
  • Support Lazy load, one of the website acceleration features.
  • Many options for header and footer such as sticky menu or customize the layout of these 2 sections.
  • Support available SVG logo always.
  • Newspaper has a rating option, which is a very suitable option for websites, product reviews and blogging based on certain criteria, rating on a scale of 10.

Download WordPress Theme Newspaper

This theme is the original theme, downloaded from Themeforest and not inserted or anything. Please be sure to scan the virus before using it.

Newspaper 12.4.0


Newspaper 12.6.6


File from Themeforest 

How to active Theme Newspaper

  • Since this theme does not have a key yet, please remember Active Themes Newspaper.
  • This way of activating the Newspaper theme is not really an active theme. It is just to help you remove requests and notifications in WordPress’s administration.
  • This active method cannot use the plugin / feature: Tagdiv Cloud Library. Because to use this plugin, Tagdiv has linked to their server to check purchase code. Which way this theme theme is active, there is no purchase code.

We will perform the file editing named td_api.php. The link is: “/wp-content/plugins/td-composer/legacy/common/wp_booster/td_api.php

  • Open the file td_api.php. Find the string: require_activation. Then convert “true” to “false“.
  • 'require_activation' => true; to'require_activation' => false;
  • With version 10.3 is the 1878 line
  • With version là dòng 1934
  • With version 10.3.7 là dòng 1952
  • With version 11 là dòng 1956
  • With version 11.1 is the 1999 line
  • All versions have been tested with this website