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Transfer Images

Transfer Images v1.0 For Blender Free Download

Transfer Images Transfer Images is a powerful feature in Blender that allows users to transfer or apply textures and images onto objects or surfaces within...
Theme Candy

Theme Candy v1.4 For Blender Free Download

Theme Candy Theme Candy is a visually captivating and highly customizable theme designed exclusively for Blender, the popular 3D modeling and animation software. This theme...
Shockwave Addon

Shockwave Addon v1.2 For Blender Free Download

Shockwave Addon The Shockwave Addon for Blender is a powerful tool that allows users to create stunning shockwave and explosion effects in their 3D animations...

MultiLattice 1.2.0 For Blender Free Download

MultiLattice MultiLattice is a powerful addon for Blender that enhances the functionality of lattice objects, enabling users to create intricate and complex lattice deformations with...
Mask Tools

Mask Tools v2.0 For Blender Free Download

Mask Tools Mask Tools for Blender is a powerful feature that allows users to selectively apply changes to specific areas of their 3D models or...
Simply Concept

Simply Concept v2.5.1 For Blender Free Download

Simply Concept Simply Concept for Blender is a comprehensive add-on that enhances the workflow and productivity of Blender, a popular 3D modeling and animation software....
Save Selection

Save Selection v2.0 For Blender Free Download

Save Selection In Blender, the "Save Selection" feature allows users to save a specific selection of objects or components within their 3D scene. This feature...

Renderset v1.9 For Blender Free Download

Render Manager Addon Renderset The Render Manager Addon Renderset for Blender is an essential tool for artists and professionals working in the field of 3D...

BlockBlender v1.41 For Blender Free Download

BlockBlender BlockBlender for Blender is a plugin that enhances the functionality and usability of the Blender software. With its seamless integration, BlockBlender allows users to...
Photographer 5

Photographer 5 v5.1.3 for Blender Free Download

Photographer This add-on for Blender 2.8x, 2.9x and 3.x vastly expands your camera and lighting toolset with Physical Camera properties, Bokeh textures, Optical Vignetting, Camera...
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