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WrapIt v1.0 for Blender Free Download

WrapIt The WrapIt addon makes it easy to create a plastic wrap effect. The add-on operator can be found in the add menu by using the...
Realistic Touch

Realistic Touch – Surface Imperfection for Blender Free Download

Realistic Touch Surface imperfection textures are essential tools for anyone aiming to produce strikingly realistic 3D renders. In the real world, objects are never perfectly smooth or...

Imperfectit v1.0.1 for Blender Free Download

Imperfectit ImperfectIt!  is a Blender addon designed to enhance the realism of 3D models created in Blender. this addon utilizes advanced algorithms to generate imperfections...
Zen UV

Zen BBQ v1.0.2.2 for Blender Free Download

Zen BBQ Zen BBQ is an add-on for creating, adjusting, and visualizing Bevels in a couple of clicks! Are you tired of preparing geometry for...

BagaPie v10.4.2 for Blender Free Download

BagaPie BagaPie is a Blender add-on developed by architectural visualization artist Antoine Bagattini. The geometry-node-based add-on focuses on optimizing architecture and environment creation for Blender...
Fluent Stressless Modeling Tool

Fluent 3.1.1 – Fluent Power Trip for Blender Free Download

Fluent Fluent Stressless Modeling Tool is a revolutionary add-on for Blender that empowers artists and designers to create 3D models with utmost ease and efficiency....
Auto-Rig Pro

Auto-Rig Pro V3.70.38 for Blender Free Download

Auto-Rig Pro Auto-Rig Pro is a powerful and advanced tool used in 3D animation and character rigging. It is designed to streamline the process of...
Rain Generator

Baga Rain Generator V1.0.9 for Blender Free Download

Baga Rain Generator Create detailed rain scenes with high performances. Addon based on Geometry Nodes Features of Baga Rain Generator Add Rain in one clic ! Add...

iCity v1.0.3 for Blender Free Download

iCity Effortlessly create detailed cityscapes. Icity streamlines your workflow with procedural generation and a vast asset library (buildings, parks, props). Future updates will include even...
Aescripts Lockdown

Aescripts Lockdown 3.0.4 Free Download

Aescripts Lockdown for After Effects Aescripts Lockdown for After Effects is a revolutionary new plugin that allows you to track warped surfaces inside After Effects....