The 12th and 13th generation Core CPUs were so good that AMD almost lost the PC market to Intel

intel vs amd

The rivalry between Intel and AMD is considered one of the main factors creating the overall development of the global computer processor industry. There are people who think AMD has the upper hand, but there are times when Intel is the one leading the game. According to a recent report by investment company Susquehanna, at the present time, “Green Team” seems to be holding quite a good market share in the general PC market compared to its competitors thanks to the impressive performance of its lines. 12th and 13th generation Core processors.

Accordingly, Susquehanna recently upgraded its rating on Intel from “negative” to “neutral”. And some of the main reasons for this decision are because Intel’s PC processor portfolio is proving to be more dominant in terms of market share than its main competitor AMD. Previously, AMD’s Ryzen CPU line had many years of dominance over Intel thanks to its very competitive performance and value, but recent products seem to have performed poorly in line with what the company has achieved. initial planning. On the other hand, Intel is also said to have achieved great success with its 12th and 13th generation CPU versions, which are considered more competitive, leading to the PC processor chip market share gradually slipping out of AMD’s hands.

Of course the overall picture isn’t too bad for AMD. The company recently announced its overall market share for x86 CPUs was 30%. This is a big feat for “Red Team”, but does not bring too much meaning because the company is focusing more on the EPYC server aspect, while the Ryzen CPU line is currently witnessing a rapid decline trend. rapidly in terms of overall market share.

Furthermore, if you look at the AM5 platform, which is receiving more and more attention, AMD hardly owns any SKUs priced under 250 USD. Meanwhile, Intel already offers a few AM5 SKU options in that price range, and Intel’s platform upgrade costs are also much more attractive.

intel vs amd

Fortunately, there is still a positive aspect for AMD, which is that the company’s AM4 platform still dominates in sales. The flagship Ryzen 7 5800X3D is still selling like hotcakes, despite the launch of the newer X3D chip line, and the company is also offering a number of incentives, promotions and discounts through retailers to improve Improve the reach of the AM5 platform to the general user segment.

In general, the confrontation between Intel and AMD is predicted by experts to continue to be fierce and contain unpredictable developments. Intel’s recent Sapphire Rapids-SP lineup will face stiff competition from AMD’s EPYC Genoa, Bergamo, and Genoa-X CPUs. All will be shipped this year, promising to create a vibrant CPU market in 2023.

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