VMware Horizon 8 Free Download – Installation Instruction

VMware Horizon

VMware Horizon 8

VMware Horizon 8 is a powerful application for software and desktop virtualization.

VMware Horizon is tightly integrated with VMware’s software-defined Data Center, including vSphere, vSAN, and NSX. This integration provides a seamless turnkey solution, eliminating the need to build, test, and support different storage, virtualization, and networking products.

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Easily store different types of data in virtual storage environment. It also provides a reliable solution for managing all resources and offers a variety of management features to enhance workflow. There are different rules and ensure the security of data. It offers the fastest and most realistic virtualization features. In short, this is a reliable virtualization application that offers many professional tools and options.

Features of VMware Horizon 8

  • Be very careful and have extraordinary performance in virtualization
  • Available in both Linux and Windows
  • Manage and full access to software provided
  • Benefit from smart policy with simple access
  • Simplified authentication across all desktop services
  • Complete virtualization solution
  • Store resources and data in virtual memory
  • Easy and fast management
  • Comply with existing rules
  • Ensure the security of data
  • Provides a quick and easy to understand environment
  • Provide a realistic virtualization environment
  • Comes with faster and easy data management
  • Information assurance and data security
  • Exact performance in virtualization
  • Manage and grant full access to data
  • Simple authentication on all desktop services
  • Integration with vSphere, NSX, vSphere, and other data centers
  • Software that strictly adheres to data center integrity, such as vSphere, vSAN, and NSX
  • Data security is guaranteed by software and your information.

System requirements of VMware Horizon 8

  • Operating System: Windows 10/7/6 and Server 2008/2012/2016
  • Free hard disk space: Minimum free hard disk space of 40 GB
  • Installed memory: 4 GB minimum RAM
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or higher

VMware Horizon 8 Free Download

VMware Horizon ESB Enterprise Edition


VMware Collection


How to install VMware Horizon 8

  • Extract the downloaded software
  • Use Key in file
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