MCBOOT 2022 Free Download – Detailed instructional



MCBoot VN is a tool to create USB-HDD boot for two standards MBR legacy and UEFI-GPT. The purpose of MCBoot VN is to provide users with a BOOT version with all the necessary tools and with only the simplest operation, but still have to have a versatile and professional computer rescue usb.

Features of MCBOOT

  • This is the BOOT MENU for two standards MBR legacy and UEFI-GPT
  • Grub4 boot menu for Dos: Boot to PE Windows, Partition Wizard, Partition Guru, Konboot, Memtest, MHDD, ghost 11.5, HDD regeneration, Active Password Changer. ..and many other useful tools
  • WinPe includes: PE Win 11 pro x64, Win 10 pro x64, Win 10 pro x86, Win 8.1 pro x86, with complete recovery software on Mini Windows: Acronis TrueImage, Norton Ghost, Partition Wizard, Aomei Partition, Section Guru…
  • Tools Dos Partition Wizard, Partition Guru, Konboot, Memtest, MHDD, ghost 11.5, hard drive regenerator, Active Password Changer
  • Virus scanning support (Kaspersky Rescue, Avira Rescue, Eset, Dr.Web)
  • Dos Grub2 . Tool
  • The transfer interface in Dos and WinPE is friendly.
  • WinPE supports versions:
  • Update Mini Windows 10 32Bit
  • Update Mini Windows 10 64Bit
  • Update Mini Windows 11 64Bit
  • Update Mini Windows 8.1 32Bit_lite
  • Support loading Admin using temviewer,
  • Win mini xp: support low configuration machine
  • Update Dos Loading with Win x86 UEFI
  • System updates and bug fixes:
  • One-click upgrade supports creating bootable USB-HDD easily and conveniently
  • Update wifi driver for windows pe x64-86, good support for new machines
  • Update all LAN, Wifi, vega, Graphics, NVIDIA Geforce GT drivers
  • Update driver for card reader, USB 3.0-3.1 port for portable set-top box
  • Update to install Windows 7-8-10 AIO to support Windows installation
  • Update Hiren’t boot 10.0 final

MCBOOT Free Download

WinPE MCBoot VN Version 9.2 Pro build 180922 Pro 2022


Password: 321

How to create usb Boot

You can use the Rufus version in the downloaded file, yes guys => then run and set up as shown below.

  • Device: You select the exact USB or HDD/SSD that you want to create BOOT.
  • Boot selection: Select to the BOOT file (*.ISO format) that you downloaded in the
  • preparation section.
  • Partition scheme: You choose MBR.
  • Target system: You choose BIOS or UEFI.
  • File system: You leave it as FAT32 (Default)
  • => Then click START button to start creating BOOT.

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