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ON1 Resize

ON1 Resize 2022

ON1 Resize 2022 is the industry standard and must-have program for the highest quality photo enlargement and printing. This amazing software helps digital artists print individual photos, contact boards, wall portraits or stitch multiple photos into package prints. It includes performance improvements and new features that make resizing photos easier and faster without losing sharpness and detail. It can be used by both novices and experienced individuals. Alternatively, print multiple photos on a single sheet of paper to create packages such as 2 5×7 or 4 4×5 photos and add watermarks and sharpen the photos before sending them to print.

More often than not, there are issues with how photos fit on a page. It is either overstretched, not using the space properly – leaving you with white bars around it – or, in rarer cases, the result is back to normal.

Using software to resize your photos to certain formats, while enhancing their clarity, wouldn’t be a bad call and  ON1 Resize  has you covered. Batch image processing, printer presets and intuitive interface are the standout features of this application.

Features of ON1 Resize 2022

  • Get the highest quality magnified photos with Genuine Fractals® technology – patented Fractal-based interpolation algorithms – that quickly enlarge your images without losing sharpness or details.
  • Genuine Fractals® Technology
  • Patented fractal-based interpolation algorithms quickly enlarge your images without losing sharpness or detail. Enlarge photos up to 1000%!
  • The gallery wrap feature creates extended margins to wrap your photos around wooden stretch bars for canvas prints. You have the option to stretch or reflect areas near the edge of your photo. Create a perfect gallery wrap and don’t lose any part of the photo.
  • Print individual photos, contact sheets, a wall portrait, or stack multiple photos into package prints. Alternatively, print multiple photos on a single sheet of paper to create packages like 2 5x7s or 4 4x5s and add watermarks and sharpen photos before sending them to print.
  • Resize 2022 includes the Full Browse module from ON1 Photo RAW 2022. It’s a lightning-fast browser and organizer. Just point it at any photo folder and you can preview, organize, tag, and change metadata in no time!
  • Export in Resize 2022 makes it easy to process one photo, a few, or hundreds of photos.
  • You can control not only the size but also the file type, naming, location, etc. You can even apply gallery wrap or watermark on the fly.
  • Resize 2022 features RAW processing from ON1 Photo RAW. It’s much faster and maintains colors and details better.
  • When saving Adobe® Photoshop® PSD files, they will be compressed to half their previous size without loss.
  • You can print from the inside of Resize 2022. Control paper size, margins, and printer configuration for the final print.
  • Access your photos no matter where they’re stored: your computer, your network, or on cloud-based storage services.
  • ON1 Resize 2022 works as a plug-in for both Photoshop® and Lightroom® and as a standalone application.
  • Browse, organize, manage and catalog your photos in your photo editing workflow. The ultra-fast browser and organizer are perfect for quickly viewing and sifting through photos without having to wait for preview creation or import.

System requirements of ON1 Resize 2022

  • Microsoft Windows 10/11 (64-bit)
  • 8 GB RAM (16 GB recommended)
  • 4 GB of available hard drive space or more
  • Intel Core i5, Xeon, or better processor(s)
  • OpenGL 3.3 compatible video card with 512 MB VRAM, DirectX 12, 1280×800 resolution (at 100% scale factor)
  • Pressure-sensitive tablet support to control brush size and/or opacity.
  • Supports ICC/ICM profiles for camera input, display, soft waterproofing and printing. It is recommended to use a hardware monitor calibration tool.

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ON1 Resize 2022 Free Download

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How to install ON1 Resize 2022

  • Turn off anti-virus software (Note also turn off Windows Defender)
  • Unzip the downloaded software
  • Run Setup to install the software
  • Copy the file “ONToolbox.dll” to the place where the software has been installed, the path “C:\Program Files\ON1\ON1 Resize 2022
  • Done