Xara Designer Pro 21 Free Download – Detailed Installation Instruction

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Xara Designer Pro 21

Xara Designer Pro 21 is a comprehensive application for creating photo editing, illustration, DTP, web design and supporting photo and graphic design, Xara Designer Pro comes with a set of professional tools for processing Manage graphic projects.

It includes all features for Xara Photo & Graphic Design, Web Designer and Page & Layout Designer features. It provides a familiar and modern user interface that allows users to work perfectly with different types of content. Produce any type of creative work, print and web design and work with different types of illustrations. With a full-fledged working environment, this powerful environment makes it a complete solution for all types of design.

Produce awe-inspiring results and create revolutionary graphics without any hard work. This powerful application comes with revolutionary photo editing features that make it a highly efficient tool. Easy drag and drop feature saves a lot of time while performing different tasks.

To conclude, it is a complete photo editor for creating illustrations, web design and dealing with graphic projects with simple and easy to use tools. Enlarge the image up to 25000 percent. Xara Designer Pro+ provides a comprehensive environment for all types of photo editing. Handle text and layout, use drawing tools, and more to make editing easier and more perfect.

Features of Xara Designer Pro 21

  • Powerful photo editor
  • Works perfectly with different illustrations
  • Improve creativity with different drawing tools
  • Multiple design tools, drag/drop support, and more.
  • A comprehensive and effective application
  • Edit different graphic projects
  • Handling DTP and web projects
  • Rotate, resize, move and draw objects
  • Live object manipulation features
  • Online editing and collaboration features
  • Editing and updating web documents is easy
  • Zoom photos up to 25000 percent
  • Provides feather adjustment and transparency
  • Live effects with vector drawings and more
  • Publish multi-page documents and access remotely
  • Perform redo and undo without any limit
  • Edit solid objects and process 3D objects for editing
  • Offers advanced editing features with layout customizations
  • Handle text and various objects accordingly
  • Customize the layout of the designs
  • Different shapes to use and draw custom shapes
  • Combine features and more to discover
  • Quick and non-destructive photo editing features
  • Advanced image manipulation tools and more to explore

System requirements of Xara Designer Pro 21

  • Operating System: Windows 10/8/7
  • Free hard drive space: 1 GB minimum free hard drive
  • Installed Memory: Minimum 1 GB RAM
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or higher

Xara Designer Pro 21 Free Download

Xara Designer Pro+ v21.4.0.62528


How to install Xara Designer Pro 21

  • Turn off anti-virus software (Note also turn off Windows Defender)
  • Extract the downloaded software
  • Run Setup to install the software
  • Copy the file “Cr@ck” to the location where the path software has been installed “C:\Program Files\Xara\Xara Designer Pro+
  • Done