Adobe After Effects 2021 Free Download

Adobe After Effects 2021

Adobe After Effects 2021

Adobe After Effects 2021 is a popular and widely used video editing application, many different advertisements, movies, clips, and largely designed by the application. It allows users to merge, split, overlap, crop their videos with other videos and create a unique and rich visual content. It’s simple, easy to use and offers users the ability to create beautiful clips and video content on a single platform.

Adobe After Effects CC 2021 includes motion graphics and visual effects to provide a more flexible editing platform for users. Users can add rain, fire, smoke, fog and more to their video content and give it a more awesome and impressive look. With this app, users can turn their ideas into a real work of motion art. User can create and animate logos, characters, text, backgrounds, etc. to achieve the desired results. Users can create anything with the application, create images for movies, TV, video or for the web

Features of Adobe After Effects 2021

  • New 3D layout renderer: CINEMA 4D. This After Effects release includes a new 3D renderer using Maxon Cinema 4D rendering technology. Now you can quickly create 3D text and logos without using special equipment, bend planes, and extrude 3D text and shapes directly on the timeline. Simplified workflow with 3D objects allows you to easily control quality settings and render with a single slider, using the same camera, lighting and text animation tools .
  • Increase productivity. Based on the new high-performance architecture introduced in the latest release, the new release brings faster, smarter GPU processing to improve performance and several internal features that help. speed up operations. Most videos can now be played in real time before applying effects without having to wait for caching to take place.
  • More GPU acceleration effects. Performance improvements in this release include more GPU acceleration effects. The following effects are now GPU accelerated: Brightness & Contrast, Edge Selection, Hue / Saturation, Mosaic, Glow, Tint, and Invert.
  • Workflow improvements for interactive text templates. Currently, Live Text templates can only be shared with Premiere Pro users by providing a complete project file with linked assets. In this release, you can save a creation, along with its content, in a single, easy-to-share file format containing everything your editor needs. Just save your element as a text template using the Element menu item> Export as sample text, and the editor can work with templates and content in Premiere Pro.
  • Character Animator scenes in After Effects use Dynamic Link. You can now open Character Animator scenes directly in After Effects or Premiere Pro and maintain an active connection to the original scene in Character Animator using Adobe Dynamic Link. Scene changes made in Character Animator are automatically reflected when switching to After Effects or Premiere Pro.
  • Seamless integration of TypeKit fonts. If you use TypeKit fonts in a layout and share a project with collaborators, any fonts that are not installed on their computers are automatically synced when the file is opened.
  • New project from template. You can now create a template with your own favorite project settings, such as managing the color and directory structure, and use it as the basis for all new projects. This is especially useful when collaborating with other freelance users and translators, as you can make changes to templates and synchronize changes using Creative Cloud.
  • Freeze the frame in the last frame. Now you can fix the final frame of the layer to the end of the layout using the Freeze On Last Frame command in the Layer> Time menu. After Effects sets the time to remap keyframes on a layer and extend the layer duration until the finish of the composition.
  • Set the duration of the marker by dragging. Set the duration of the element or class marker by dragging the marker out in the Timeline panel. The marker icons are now divided into two halves to indicate the marker entry and exit points. Dragging the marker inward changes the marker duration, and dragging it outward changes the marker duration.
  • Integrated export QuickTime files created with Avid DNxHD / HR codecs. With After Effects CC 2021, you can export QuickTime files created with Avid DNxHD and Avid DNxHR codecs, without Avid Codec package, and without using QuickTime 7 on Windows or Adobe QT32 Server process on macOS. In the QuickTime Options dialog box (click the Format Options button in the Output Module dialog box), you can change the DNxHD and DNxHR settings. You can choose between DNxHD or DNxHR (HQX, HQ, SQ, etc.) flavors and enable alpha encoding.
  • Date and time values ​​in the output file name samples. The name and location pattern for output modules can now be customized using a date and time token. New Song Name and Date / Time presets help you to add the date and time in Y-M-D_H-M format to the song title.

System requirements of Adobe After Effects 2021

  • Multi-core Intel processor with 64-bit support
  • Microsoft Windows 10 (64 bit) version 1803 or higher
  • 8GB of RAM (16GB recommended)
  • 5GB of available hard-disk space; Additional free space required during installation (cannot install on removable flash storage devices)
  • Additional drive space for disk cache (10GB recommended)
  • GPU: 2GB VRAM.Adobe GPU strongly recommends updating to NVIDIA 451.77 drivers when using After Effects. Previous drivers had a known problem that could lead to crashes.
  • Optional: An Adobe certified GPU card for GPU accelerated ray tracing 3D renderer
  • 1280×1080 screen

Adobe After Effects 2021 Free Download

Adobe After Effects 2021 v18.4.1.4


Adobe Full


Adobe for Mac OS will unlock with Adobe Zii

How to install Adobe After Effects 2021

  • Turn off anti-virus software (Note also turn off Windows Defender)
  • Download the software and extract it with Winrar
  • Run the Setup file and select the English language
  • Uncheck the Advertising

adobe 2020 install

  • If you have Microsoft Visual C ++ Full installed, you can leave both marks unchecked
  • Click Install is finished, watch the detailed installation video